The Dyatlov Pass Incident

After a group of hikers had been missing for a month (after their departure for their trip), search parties and helicopters were deployed. 

What the searchers found was terrifying. something they would never forget and something that would remain in mystery for decades. 

The camp where the group had set up had all of their equipment, but the tents were torn up from the inside. Foot prints led the parties to the campers, half naked in the snow, death caused by hypothermia and strangely, being crushed. But not crushed by some large creature or object, crushed by pressure, like water. One persons tongue was even removed. 

All evidence has disappeared over the years. 


Read the article. What are your thoughts?

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Woman Wakes Up and Claims She's From Another Universe

A woman woke up one morning and noticed many different changes in her life, as if she had woken up in another dimension. 

Nothing dramatic, just different sheets, the difference in the way her workplace was arranged, and the fact that she was still with her boyfriend he claimed to have left months prior. 

She started a blog about her experience. It’s in Spanish so the English translated version is here:

The Spanish version is here:

Honestly, I an incredibly intrigued. It is possible it could just be a memory issue or something psychological, but it’s the first of it’s case. And she appears to be stable in mind. Could it be possible that the world is not the only one, but multiple Earths in multiple dimensions? Can someone slip accidentally into another dimension? 

I say she’s lucky for sticking to a dimension that’s very similar to her own and not one over run by monsters :) 

What are your views on the situation? Fact or fiction?

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Some of the World’s Most Haunted Places


Here in this article, you may notice, are some of the more famously haunted places on Earth (as well as many potential vacation spots for me). 

Personally, I’ve always wanted to visit Dracula’s castle because of my recent enlightenment of my family members being distantly related to the Count Bram Stoker used as inspiration for his famous character. 

The Tower of London is also a favorite. 

Has any one visited these places? Any interesting experiences or things of that nature?

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I used to have dreams of something like this, or id think it was like that when I was in a car. 

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List of Several Demons and their Sigils of Summoning.

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Was a UFO Just Hauled Through Kansas?

In a small county in Kansas, the citizens were shocked to see a saucer like object being towed down Highway 77, and it closely resembled some people’s recounted stories of UFOs. 

The citizens were told that it was an experimental aircraft for the navy. What are your views on this craft?

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New Sighting of Loch Ness Monster

A new sighting of the famous Loch Ness Monster has surfaced. The link above is the article with all the information. 

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Results of Sierra Kills DNA Allegedly Leaked: Unknown Primate

Apparently, a bit of DNA from a supposed “Sasquatch” shot has come up as non-human, and unknown primate DNA. 

In this: the shooter recounts and releases info from the supposed shooting. 

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